Having turkish-egyptian family roots and being raised in Dubai at the Arabian-Persian Gulf then moving to Cairo at the Mediterranean and the Red Sea were enough reasons to create a musician like Ahmad.. saturated and familiar with varied cultures.

Starting playing the bass at the age of 21 was kind of a blessing for him as the self taught musician started to explore the instrument and finding his own way of playing and expressing his musical ideas and life experiences that he already had!

And by travelling the world as he performed more than 5000 concerts, Tv shows and workshops in 25 countries and currently living between Turkey and the U.K, Ahmad's diversified musical ideas were pied with more different colors and flavors.

Here are the major steps of what Ahmad Hani did till today:


  • Founded Manzoo - rock band.


  • Founded Diminished - classic rock band.


  • Founded Bluenotes - blues band.
  • Founded Sirens - Savatage tribute band.


  • Joined Fishsoda - rock band.


  • Joined Sharkiat Fathy Salama - North african fusion project.
  • Joined One World Music - afro-fusion band.
  • Joined Mostafa Rizk -nubian music band.


  • Joined Ahmad Rabie -jazz rock fusion band.
  • Joined Sahra -rai music band.
  • Founded Wheels Of Fire -heavy metal band.
  • Founded Bananas In Heat -rock band.
  • Founded Ode To Strings - acoustic tiro band.


  • Joined Akram El Sharkawy - jazz fusion band.
  • Founded Odd Group - jazz rock band.
  • Joined Still - rock band.


  • Founded Gaby And The Mamas - acoustic latin band.
  • Joined Trinity - acoustic rock band.
  • Founded O.D.E - rock band.
  • Joined The Dirty Looks - rock band.


  • Joined Skindeep - Latin rock band.

  • Joined Chroma-techs - jazz fusion band.


  • Founded The Grand Acoustic Trio - traditional Jazz Trio project.
  • Joined Ressala - Arabic fusion band.
  • Joined Vybe - Rn'b music band.


  • Founded Mondy Hani Hesham trio - jazz trio project.
  • Founded Crash Boom Bang -funk pop Latin music band.


  • Founded One Night Stand - acoustic rock band.
  • Joined Hamza Namira - Arabic fusion band.


  • Joined Maher Zain - Rn'B music band.


  • Joined What's Up - funk Rn'b band.


  • Joined Tual - Turkish rock band.


  • Founded Mirarab - Hani - Bekoğlu Ethnic jazz fusion trio.


  • Founded Ahmad Hani's acoustic trio.


  • Joined Istanbul Oriental Ensemble - Ethnic Jazz fusion project.

  • Joined Trakya All Stars - Anatolian Gypsy Fusion.


  • Founded Trio LHD - Jazz fusion trio.


Currently Ahmad is working on new projects!

In Arabic and Middle eastern pop music world Ahmad played and recorded with many famous pop singers such as:

Angham, Hisham Abbas , Rabeh Sakr, Abbas Ibrahim, Nicole Saba, Khaled Aggag, Black Theama, Hisham Nour and many more, also appeared and Participated in many sound tracks and many video clips with many singers, bands, projects and movies. Recorded and appeared in many of International TV shows such as El Negm El Chef (MBC Channel), Fasel Wa Naood Maa Dawood (Dubai TV) and Entesaar Show (Quatar TV) and Müziğin Diliyle programme (TRT TURK Channel).

Ahmad participated in many important festivals in Egypt and worldwide such as: La Notte Bianca (Italy), fette de la musique (France), Citadel Festival, S.O.S music festival, Fruhlings Fest (Germany), Voces De Casa Arabe (Spain), Cairo Cinema International Festival, Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Night (Algeria), The Jazz Factory (Egypt), Jeddah Fstival(KSA), ghanafest (Malta) , Cairo International Jazz Festival (Egypt), Sound-Ports Festival (Turkey), Turkish Culture Festival (South Korea) and many more.

Ahmad also worked with many worldwide musical projects and musicians such as:

Burhan Öçal (Turkey), Taranta Power and Eugenio Bennato (Italy), Peter Lipa (Czech Republic), Hasna Al Beshreya (Algeria), Simon Fagan (Irland), Maurizio Lazzaro (Italy), Malik Yaqoub (USA), Turgut Alp Bekoğlu (Turkey),Trygve Seim (Norway), Mathias Frey (Germany), Monica Passos (Brazil), Larsbo Kjun (Denmark), Mehmet Polat (Turkey / Netherlands), Tom Powers (Canada), Mathew Foster (USA), Pouline Lucas (France), Karima Nayt (Algeria), Fernando Perez (Spain), Nizar Rohana (Paletsine / Netherlands), Mahan Mirarab (Iran / Austria), Aytaç Doğan (Turkey), Fulvio Maras (Italy), Jocelyn Clark (USA), Heiko Dijker (Netherlands), Caroline In't Veld (Belgium), Laxmi Easwaran (Ethiopia / India) and many others.

Also worked with many Orchestras in Egypt and worldwide like:

Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Algeria Symphony Orchestra, Rome Symphony Orchestra, Alex Bib. Orchestra, Cairo Opera House Orchestra.

Worked and recorded with many bands in Egypt as a session player and a guest player such as:

Rahhala Hossam Shaker, Riff Band, Amir Moussa, Sobhi Bdair and the cairo Symphony Orchestra , BA Choire , Grup Tual , Ahmed El- Sawy and others.

He has been working as a music theory and bass guitar private teacher and instructor since the year 2000 till now , Worked as a music teacher at The Baby Academy (2004- 2005) and joined Alex Bib. as music and bass teacher (2007).Ahmad has many students in different countries that have become very active and professional musicians and even teachers!

Ahmad led and participated in many local and worldwide workshops and musical clinics and lectures such as:

The Origins Of The Bass (South Korea), Musicians vs. Sound Engineers with Hameed Sabry, How to become a better performer workshop with Moustafa Mito, Bass and Drums workshop with Ahmed Hisham, Remix plus 2008 with Tawfeek Faroukh, Charbel Rohana and Fathy Salama, Freshly Ground (South Africa), Napalma (Brazil) and Ressala , Lekaat Eka3 with Jouel Khory, Mirarab – Hani – Bekoğlu World Music Fusion Workshop plus most of Fathy Salama's workshops in Egypt and abroad.